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Oct 01

Simply Aroma’s Essential Oils Respiratory Blend OxyZen

Simply Aroma’s Essential Oils Respiratory Blend OxyZen Simply Aroma’s “respiratory blend” OxyZen is designed to help with opening airways and improving breathing. Many have even found that it helps relieve some symptoms of allergies and asthma.   How to Use OxyZen Diffuse it: Put about 3 drops into a Simply Aroma diffuser and turn it …

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Oct 01

Essential Oils Weight Loss Formula Slenderize

Simply Aroma Essential Oils SLENDERIZE Simply Aroma has a variety of amazing oils and blends in our product line. With the introduction of the Sinopec Detox, (one of our blends), Slenderize, is getting some attention. Check out this informational video about Slenderize to learn more. Benefits of Slenderize Boosts optimal metabolism Aids in managing hunger …

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Sep 19

Essential Oil Extraction

How Essential Oils Work Essential oils are natural and purer oils that are distilled by flowers, roots, bark, shrubs and trees. This oils have best uses for both culinary and health purposes. Essential oils have very soothing fragrances that can be widely used as perfumery properties.There are diverse sorts of essential oils that incorporate bearer …

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Sep 16

Common Uses for Essential Oils

Relaxing Essential Oil Lavendar

Common Uses for Essential Oils Essential oils are herbal extracts of various plant parts such as leaves, seeds, barks, stems, flowers, roots, etc. They are 100% natural extract of a plant form. They are natural aromatic compounds and are both beautiful and powerfully fragrant. They are also known as essences, volatile oils, ethereal oils, or …

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Sep 14

UNFOLD THE SECRET – Benefits of Essential Oils

Benefits of Essential Oils For those who are unfamiliar with the term, aromatherapy means the usage of oils extracted from different, mainly fragrant, plants, in order to help and relief a wide range of mental or physical conditions or discomforts. Thus, the essential oils are used to enhance a positive response in the users. The …

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Aug 18

Introductory Sale-Simply Aroma Olive Oil

Aug 15

Use Peppermint Oil for Headaches and Motion Sickness

Aug 14

About Angie Hall Simply Aroma Independent Distributor

About Angie Hall Simply Aroma Independent Distributor I wanted to share with you my experience since I became a Simply Aroma Independent Consultant. I had been wanting to try essential oils, but wasn’t sure where to start.  I came across an advertisement for a free kit and decided to order.  The company offered free training …

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